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Although I still believe that marihuana is not harmless, I am convinced that it is one of the least dangerous, if not the least dangerous, of all psychoactive drugs, legal or illegal, recreational or medicinal.

Dr Lester Grinspoon: On Further Reconsideration, 1994

One of my children’s favourite books so happens to be John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat by Jenny Wagner (Author) and Ron Brooks (illustrations).  Have a listen if you like.

Awwwwww, can you see why?

Now try and dig this. This story is actually not about cats and dogs disliking each other and not getting on.

It’s really much more profound. It’s about us as a society, the government, alcohol and cannabis! SURPRISE!! Of course this is only the case in my mind, but still……

Hear me out now:

Rose is actually us. Our husband is our WILL. By that I don’t mean the piece of paper that says who gets what when we die, I mean the desire of an individual, and the acts done when such decisions are put into effect. It died a long time ago, at least as far as political reform goes, particularly drug reform.

John Brown is the government. He stays with Rose and gives her what she wants because he loves her. He sits under the pear tree with her and looks after her in every way he can. We can take this to mean he helps her enjoy herself on a hot day in a way he can. The government helps us enjoy our hot days by ‘allowing’ or ‘giving’ us access to alcohol. It makes us happy right? In winter a few drinks by the fire is a stereotypical romantic image, one of relaxation and romance, perhaps not for Rose the old granny, but you get the drift. All under the watchful eye of the government, i.e. the Law!

Rose is thankful to JB for giving her this and watching out for her. She doesn’t know any different and is content. For a few decades.

Then Rose looks out the ‘window’. I would like to think that Responsible Choice is one of the windows in Rose’s ‘house’. It gives me a big head to do so anyway. She then sees something in the ‘garden’. Need I go into the garden reference? It is a little friendly cat that puts a smile on her face. She is interested but JB doesn’t want to even look at it. She sees that it is a potential comfort similar to JB’s comforts (alcohol), and asks him to first acknowledge its presence and then feed it, i.e. investigate its potential. He refuses to even admit to knowing of its existence, let alone feeding it. He goes out that night, instead, and outlines an arbitrary barrier he has created to keep the cat out, the cat of course being cannabis. Midnight Cat aka Cannabis Cat in fact. JB doesn’t want any change because HE is happy with the way things are.

Cannabis cat doesn’t reply to the aggressive and belligerent tone that JB is using because IT IS A NATURAL PHENOMENA, IT HAS NO VOICE.

John Brown continues to resist all of Rose’s requests to look into the Midnight Cat’s presence and movements in the garden, the ‘garden’ being the world and ‘movements’ being effects. Rose attempts to ‘feed’ the cat herself, but JB actively sabotages all of her attempts to.

Eventually the cat jumps onto the window sill, in full view of them both. This we can take to be referring to research done on cannabis that cannot be denied, such as how it has a synergistic effect on the body’s own Endocannabinoid System.

But what does John ‘The government’ Brown do? HE SAYS “NO!” when asked to let the Cannabis cat in.

Now here is the crucial lesson of this story. Rose then essentially states she is withdrawing from John Brown, AND THEN DOESN’T FEED HIM. Feeding in the case of people and the government can be taken to mean VOTES. That’s right. Votes. She denies him support by not voting for him. She takes a stand and says she is sick of how he is acting towards Cannabis Cat. Only then does he reconsider his completely illogical and senseless stance on the whole issue.

Then he lets the cat in, and as we all know, once the cat’s out of the bag, or garden, EVERYONE CAN BENEFIT FROM SHARED KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE, and from increased knowledge comes more informed opinions, which leads to responsible choice. See?

Simple right?

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Debi Robinson July 15, 2011 at 3:18 pm

Wow, you really have an imaginative take on the underlying message in that story. Well done to you and your hypotheses.

I would have taken a much simpler approach and just related it to straight out manipulation, and how one person can have the power to manipulate and control another just by their actions. No words were necessary; all she did was use actions to gain total control over the dog, and the situation to get what she wanted all along, the cat.

If we explore your interpretation of the story, and act in the way you’re suggesting. By I’m assuming we change our vote and instead of voting for the major political parties, we place our votes with the candidates who support our movement. Honestly, in my opinion we’d have absolutely no show of even winning one seat.

For one – there aren’t enough candidates standing in any of the political parties that support drug reform to have even a slim chance of gaining a majority government. So even though your theory is good in principal it wouldn’t work in reality unless we had a candidate standing in every electorate across the entire country. And I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

However your take on the story was an interesting one.

Cheers and thanks

Deb Robinson


Responsible Choice July 15, 2011 at 10:37 pm

Thanks again Deb!

The action that would need to take place is not simply finding candidates that support cannabis reform.
As voters we have the power to effectively ‘create’ candidates who take our cause up and push it, as essentially they represent the will of the people.
To do this a concerted effort would need to be made in contacting local MPs, advising them of the will of the people, and also advising them of our will that they represent our concerns for us. The implcation would need to be made overtly that unless they do support us and represent will, we will not be with them come election time, and they will no longer hold their position.
As an example of how this would work, your average politician considers every letter of concern they get from their electorate to be representative of at least 4 votes. If they recieved 100 letters on the same topic they can calculate that that is representative of 400 voters.
No MP on any level wishes to alienate their electorate to that extent, nor throw away 400 potential votes. The action needs to be en masse and coordinated but it can be done.



Debi Robinson July 17, 2011 at 12:29 am

Your plan sounds great in theory and I think you could be onto something here.

If you’re serious about this idea, how about publishing the email address’s of the politicians we need to contact and also maybe a standard letter that we all could use and just add our own names etc.




Responsible Choice July 17, 2011 at 1:37 am

Oh it is coming Deb 😉

Just a bit more information I need to put out there beforehand though. In the meantime this is a good read on the topic:

Check it out 🙂


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