Cannabis vs The Big C?

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Alcohol causes cancer, but does cannabis?

In my last post I pointed out the fact that alcohol has been known to be a carcinogen for many years now by the scientific community, but not so much by the broader Australian public. It begs the question then: Is cannabis a carcinogen?

Well, ask most people and you will get a response along these lines;

“Mate, if ya smoke it, it gives ya cancer. Just look at cigarettes, they don’t call ’em ‘cancer sticks’ for nuthin!”

I have found that the general public is very much unaware of the ways in which cannabis may be administered to the body, for if they were one would expect this argument wouldn’t keep popping its annoying little head up.

I alluded to one of the various ways cannabis may be taken in my last post, but I would like to expand upon this here.

Cannabis can be used in a number of ways:

– Smoked; either via a pipe, rolled in a cigarette (joint) or through a bong (water pipe)

– Ingested (eaten)


Vapourisers!? HUH!?

The majority of people can be forgiven for not having any idea of this mode of delivery for the active components within cannabis, and if you are reading this and you fall into this category, GREAT!

Let’s take a closer look.

Essentially a vapouriser is an electronic device that is used to extract the pharmacologically active compounds in cannabis, commonly known as cannabinoids (This link is for the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre suprisingly. It was nice to see that the existence of these compounds was even alluded to on the site and clear noting of the medicinal potential of cannabis was present).

A vapouriser heats the cannabis via an element within the device which releases the cannabinoids as vapour, like from an oil burner, well before the point of combustion, thus avoiding the negative health impacts of breathing burnt matter (i.e. smoke) into the lungs. THIS PROCESS ESSENTIALLY ELIMINATES THE INHALATION OF POTENTIALLY HARMFUL MATTER, SO IMPACT ON LUNG FUNCTION IS NEGLIGIBLE.

Cannabinoid vapours can be released at relatively low temperatures when compared to the temperature at which combustion occurs. Vapourisers optimally are incorporated with an accurate, often digital, thermostat control to ensure efficient and effective vapourisation of the material. Temperatures around 200C are often recommended as the most efficient and effective, whereas combustion occurs somewhere around 700C.

Here is a really interesting clip of a medical cannabis user using vapourisation as her preferred method of delivery and her thoughts on medical cannabis in general:


Which brings me nicely to my next point: Why is cannabis viewed as an illicit substance when it can be used as a medicine that has little to no negative health side-effects when compared to other legal drugs like alcohol and tobacco. NOWHERE IN THE WORLD WILL YOU FIND SOMEONE PRESCRIBING AN AIDS OR HEART DISEASE PATIENT ALCOHOL OR CIGARETTES. Nowhere.

On the contrary you can, and will continue to, increasingly find research that positions cannabinoids as a significant area of cancer research, in terms of both potential treatments for cancer diagnosis and also for relief of symptoms associated with cancer.

It is worth having a browse at the following research articles regarding the ANTI TUMORAL PROPERTIES of cannabis and, perhaps most ironic of all, its potential as a therapeutic agent for TREATING LIVER FIBROSIS!

That’s right. Cannabis can be used to treat such things as Alcoholic Liver Disease. Am I alone in finding this current state of prohibition of cannabis disgusting? If cannabis can actually reduce the impact of alcohol on the body it should be scheduled as a Schedule 2 Pharmacy Medicine at least and at the very most Schedule 4 prescription only medicine. It is currently Schedule 9 Prohibited Substance (see schedules here), whereas Schedules 5 to 7 are substances classified as either needing caution taken when handling them, or those that are simply poisonous.


I’m sorry, why again?

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Kerry Spoelma January 16, 2012 at 11:43 pm

I am disgusted! Decriminalise it for heavens sake, I know full well and so do alot of people that it is an anti-emetic, used for pain management in a variety of things ie. cancer……it was ok when they were using hemp for making ropes on trawlers and many different things……….it is less harmful than alcohol, yes there are some that just cannot take it, I respect that! but, there are many buts……………..


Responsible Choice January 17, 2012 at 12:58 am

Ah yes, the buts. There are so many uses for cannabis and hemp that it seems inevitable that its prohibition will, and must, end.

Cheers Kerry


Kerry Spoelma January 18, 2012 at 12:57 am

it has to get to a stage where people will realize its not just for smoking! and thats where ppl go with their ideas>>>>>>>>>my husbane had cancer he smoked a couple joints towards the end and if it gave him relief great!!!! he was also a nurse /paramedic most of his life on this planet and ive been a nurse for 32yrs but cannot anymore due to disabilities nursing so have been medically retired and am 55yyoung…….when oh when are they going to realise…just like they did with those so called pops the mixer drinks that kids buy……well they fixed that when the government put the price up on those the kids just bought the big bottles and were making their own nips……thats legal!!!!!!! im on a planet where there is nocommunication with their inhabitants etc lol i want my own commune am over the ‘bullshit’ pardon me but its corrupt………ah! have a wonderful day all namaste


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