Flights of fancy – pt. 1

August 6, 2011

In a world where alcohol is illegal, but cannabis was legal, how would things be different? Let’s indulge our imaginations for a moment.   It’s Friday afternoon. You’ve just begun to think about what the weekend has in store for you. The week has been a busy one, and you’re looking forward to relaxing with […]

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Back to the Future please!

July 24, 2011

If you are living in Western Australia you could be easily forgiven for making this statement. Unfortunately the situation does not involve Michael J. Fox, a cool car, lightning, nor some old genius crackpot scientist, but it may involve some crackpot ideas on drug policy. In case you haven’t heard WA has just had a […]

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What’s the opposite of morbid? Outrageous?

July 19, 2011

It may not be the opposite of morbid but the comparison I have here of cannabis vs. alcohol in the media could be described as outrageous. By outrageous I am referring to the absolute absence of any serious consequences for users or those around them in the media. This post was my attempt to provide […]

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Is it too morbid?

July 15, 2011

That’s the question, but you’ll need to read the post first I think before you answer. In an attempt to provide some sort of perspective on the alcohol vs. cannabis debate here I decided to give myself a challenge. It went as follows: If alcohol is really that dangerous surely there is some sort of […]

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A summer insect has no word for ice

July 6, 2011

The above saying is attributed to Daoist author Zhuang Zi (368 – 286BC) But what does it mean? Well bear with me. 疑冰 – yi bing. This is a way you might express the title of this post in the author’s native Chinese language. If we break it down we can get a better idea […]

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Cannabis vs The Big C?

June 23, 2011

Alcohol causes cancer, but does cannabis? In my last post I pointed out the fact that alcohol has been known to be a carcinogen for many years now by the scientific community, but not so much by the broader Australian public. It begs the question then: Is cannabis a carcinogen? Well, ask most people and […]

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The Big C

June 12, 2011

Alcohol and cancer. What have the two got to do with each other? Way too much, which begs the question why do we have so many ‘Cancer’ related charities, searching for the cause of cancer. Let’s start with grog. Now I’ve mentioned the word ‘causative’ before in these posts. The word means basically ‘the cause […]

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Who says the War on Drugs is a failure?

June 3, 2011

You’d be suprised. Ex-presidents of Mexico, Columbia and Brazil do. So does the former Secretary General of the UN, amongst others. Global drug policy is an interesting anomaly really. I say anomaly because it is truly a realm where the normal adherence to best practices, consideration of latest research and advice of experts in relative […]

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Cannabis Effects 101

May 28, 2011

Before anyone says it, I know, OK? Yes I understand that I have given ample evidence of the negative effects and harms related to alcohol use. I’m also aware that there has been a distinct absence of the counter point to this debate on the behalf of cannabis. Just let me explain why… The thing […]

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A couple of quiet ones aye?

May 20, 2011

We’ve all experienced the effects of alcohol on a night out. Sometimes it really raises the night up to greater heights and we end up having a top night. HOWEVER… How many of us have seen the effects of alcohol on a bunch of young drinkers? Words that come to me, both from my personal […]

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